Welcome to Waterstones at The Westmorland Shopping Centre, Kendal.

We offer brilliant value on 1000s of our recommendations and bestsellers, because at Waterstones.com we strive to bring you the best deals around! There are currently some fantastic savings on textbooks for students, deep discounts on brand new books plus hot offers on our our pre-order picks. And don’t forget, we offer FREE UK delivery on all books plus a hassle-free returns policy, so come on in and start browsing…

Opening Times

Monday 09:00-17:30
Tuesday 09:00-17:30
Wednesday 09:00-17:30
Thursday 09:00-17:30
Friday 09:00-17:30
Saturday 09:00-17:30
Sunday 10:00-16:00


Tel No: 01539 741771

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